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하수크리닝(Sewer cleaning)



URACA는 다양한 고압 펌프 제품군을 통해 효과적인 Sewer 크리닝분야의 공급업체로서, 유럽시장의 리더입니다.                            

URACA offers the widest range of high pressure pumps for effective channel flushing, making it Europe's leader.

URACA GmbH & Co. KG from Swabian Bad Urach, leading manufacturer of systems and components for high-pressure cleaning, is a competent and proven partner of the manufacturers of municipal vehicles with its wide range of high-pressure plunger pumps, spray guns and valves. Thousands of sewer cleaning vehicles worldwide are in the harsh everyday use to clean large sewers, pipes, shafts and wells or to reliably eliminate deposits, incrustations, Sielhäute and organic growth. The growing demands of the operators require high-performance pumps that can be operated with recycled water and weigh little.

With outputs of 30 to 180 kW, the URACA pumps cover the entire spectrum and thus all requirements for sewer flushing technology. The company is a leader in Europe in this area. The program includes, for example, the four-plunger pump P4-45.

Thus, the specialist developed a pump in a compact design with low weight. It weighs only 420 kilograms, has an output of 175 kW and is designed for large profile cleaning and special applications.

The pump generates a maximum volume flow of more than 630 liters of water per minute at a pressure of 150 bar. It is equipped with robust mushroom valves with elastomer seals and integrated crosshead seals. The stuffing boxes can be replaced individually. The optionally available pressure lubrication allows operation even in inclined positions. As an alternative to the piston pumps, URACA also supplies pressure transducers, which are less sensitive to dirt due to their lower stroke frequency and therefore also suitable for use with recycled water.

URACA also supplies spray guns, which are often also installed at the rear of the vehicles. These are essentially used to flush away any remaining debris directly under the shaft opening or to clear the bearing grooves for the manhole cover. With the SP250 Vario, for example, the user can easily dose the flow rate via the trigger lever. The URACA high pressure spray guns are lightweight and easy to handle. They ensure a high volume flow and low pressure loss, are robust, durable and extremely reliable.